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Hybrid Talks XXXII "Learning"
To BYOD or not to BYOD in an elementary school?
Prof. Dr. Dr. Daniel D. Hromada

Bring Your Own Device

"Bring your own device (BYOD) refers to technology models where students bring a personally owned device to school for the purpose of learning. A personally owned device is any technology device brought into the school and owned by a student (or the student’s family), staff or guests.”

(Alberta Education 2012)
Own Device
Dixon, Tierney (2012)
Elementary School in an ideal world
Elementary School in a digital world
Laurence Olivier's Hamlet (1948)
pro-BYOD arguments
"In other words, 69.95% of learners using a mobile device performed significantly better in dependent variables related with cognitive achievement than those not using mobile devices."(Sung, Chang & Liu, 2016)
anti-BYOD arguments
BYOD : Start in die nächste Generation (Kammerl et al., 2016, Universität Hamburg)

Es gibt keine Hinweise, dass die Schülerinnen und Schüler durch die Nutzung der Smartphones und anderer persönlicher Endgeräte innerhalb des Untersuchungszeitraums signifikant höhere Kompetenzniveaus [in Medienbildung] erreichen konnten.” (s.109)

"Für den Untersuchungszeitraum gab es in den erhobenen Daten keine Hinweise darauf, dass diese Zielsetzungen [Lernerfolg der Schülerinnen und Schüler zu verbessern] bereits erreicht worden wären." (s. 110)

Bring Your Own Smartphone ?
"Handyverbote sind von gestern."
Claudia Bogedan, President of Kultusministerkonferenz (KMK), August 2016
"We know today that there is a phenomenon of screen addiction, the phenomenon of bad mobile phone use... Our main role is to protect children and adolescents. It is a fundamental role of education, and this law allows it."
Jean-Michel Blanquer, Education Minister of French Republic, July 2018
BYOS or not BYOS?
BYOS or not BYOS ?
The middle path
a definite YES to a 1:1 scenario in an elementary school but only when
  • the Goal is concrete and well-defined
  • device is well-chosen and adapted to the Goal & the curriculum (and not the other way arround!)
  • "collaterals" are not ignored
  • science-driven and not "market"-driven attitude is adopted
Make Your Own Device at UdK / BOL / ECDF
Thanks for Your attention
and do not forget to MYOD!

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